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“When thou buildest a new house, thou shalt make a battlement to the roof ..” Duet. 22:8

Amid the challenges of living for Christ is that of protecting our own minds and that of our children from the temptations that are so available. In a society bent on moral corruption , we need to be always vigilant against the dangers that will cause ruin. A guardrail around the high deck to keep [...]

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Take ye the sum of all the congregation… Numbers 1:2

We sing the song.."When you count up those who love the Lord,count me.." In this passage it was for knowing the number of the men who could go to war. It was a call to be counted for consecration and service. Am I available.. or do I have too many plans of my own? This [...]

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“He that is first in his own cause seemeth right..”

.. but his neighbour cometh and searcheth him." This is a verse from Proverbs 18:17 and stands often as a guard to my lips when I would be first to spread a negative story. I spare myself guilt and shame when I realize that eventually truth always shows itself, and decide to stop the spread [...]

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“Give a portion to seven and also to eight.”… Eccles. 11:2

I received a bag of chocolate covered almonds for Christmas this year and amazingly there are still a few left. I actually hid them in an empty can of Quality Street chocolates because I figured nobody would look there, knowing those treats were eaten the day they came. However, someone found them wile "going about [...]

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“And she shall bring forth a son… Jesus ” Matthew 1:21

Why is it that the best stories and most memorable events are filled with human trauma and trouble? Crisis always brings out the worst and the best in us.. but it is here we get to know ourselves. Here we are forced to reckon with our innate selfishness and are prompted by the Spirit to [...]

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Is the Lord among us or not? Exodus 17:7

What you get out of life is really up to you. What approach will you take? Faith or unbelief? Moses called this place where God gave the miracle of water out of the rock " Meribah" which means "chiding'. Why was it not called "House of waters" (Beth-beer) or House of God's provision ( Beth-el-jireh)? [...]

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The duty of a steward

Matthew 25:14-30, by application, gives the account of the reactions of church members to their Lord in response to His giving to them gifts. These gifts could be anything from money to extra time or talents. Each was given as an extra for the purpose of investing.It was not for personal wealth, but for the [...]

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No good thing will he withhold

"... from them that walk uprightly" Psalm 84:11 "Uprightly" means walking with wisdom and courage that truth will give to you. Guilt from sin as well as a fainting heart from difficulties in life can move us from a life of faith and obedience easily.To spend time in prayer and in reading the Word daily [...]

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Come out..and be ye separate

This instruction by the Holy Spirit through Paul does not stand as an option to the true believer. Compared with 1Corinthians 15:33, we see that we either separate or become corrupted by the world's communication and life styles. How often I find my thinking and life plans steering toward the temporal goals of pleasure and [...]

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Grafted in- Romans 11:20-22

We are told in Roman 11 that the church is actually a wild branch grafted into the natural root of the planned kingdom of God. There we are warned that if we do not keep the faith, we shall also feel the shame of being cast aside as did Israel when she rejected her Messiah."The [...]

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