We are told in Roman 11 that the church is actually a wild branch grafted into the natural root of the planned kingdom of God. There we are warned that if we do not keep the faith, we shall also feel the shame of being cast aside as did Israel when she rejected her Messiah.”The faith” delivered is the Word of God as received from the Spirit of God , faithfully copied, trusted and lived by faithful witnesses from the Apostles to the present day. The popular search for”the oldest manuscripts” is the biggest farce that unbelieving scholastic minds have foisted on the church.Follow the great
revivals and reformations- and behind them you will find the Majority Syrian manuscripts.Erasmus,Calvin, Beza, Tyndale… all faithful men.Today the word- for- word faithful “son” in English is the KJV. Read it, study it. Hold true to the faith.. or we will find ourselves outside the door when Jesus comes. ” Keep yourselves in the love of God” . Jude 24 Pastor Jones