The word commend means “to commit to the trust of” another. Here Jesus is ready to die and leaves us a
lesson so that in the hour of death, the terrors of the unknown do not take us down. His relationship to God
is passed to us as children of the heavenly Father and He taught us to look to God as such in the Lord’s prayer.
Jesus deliberate decision at this time to separate his spirit from the body seems to imply that He had control of the time of His own death. I have read of others who have , by the very might of determination, held themselves back from the brink of death by bestirring their minds to hold on another minute and not allow themselves to fall back slowly into the black velvet cushion that tempted them because they were aware that it was death. Yet in all this, God has marked our time of life and knows our last heartbeat form the very beginnings of time .It is ours to consider that time sacred and as one into whose hands a precious treasure is placed. To attend a funeral
and not to consider the day of our own is foolish indeed.
The crowd heard the voice that dismissed His divine spirit. It says that He cried with a loud voice. He wanted them to know that His death was on purpose. It was pre-determined and indeed the very reason that
He had come- prophesied before His birth in Matthew 1:21. What better way to close life that to commit your
life back with confidence to the One Who gave it to you, knowing you have lived it for Him. Christian, remember the day when you can no longer retain your spirit and it goes back to God. Be sure that will be a day of confidence in faith and not a day of fear. Go for daily cleansing in the Blood of Jesus and live with the joy of the Spirit. “Because I live, ye shall live also.” John 14:19.