Check it out. Here is what he says

Certainly Christians will need to be ready to talk about Noah, the Flood, and topics of sin, judgment and salvation with those who do see this quite anti-biblical movie. But to do this, I encourage you to use the AiG website to ensure you have lots of accurate information ready.

I don’t encourage anyone to see the movie, but we will have a researcher go to the movie to write a detailed review for you, once it’s released in theaters.

By the way, the movie does start with a representation of how life God supposedly created life–by evolution! It does apparently represent Adam and Eve as being created separately.

The movie has a theme of extreme environmentalism. And the Noah of the Bible (a preacher of righteousness and one who did what God told him to do with great reverence), is NOT the Noah of this movie.

As a statement from Paramount stated, it is a movie ‘inspired’ by the account in the Bible.

But it’s FAR from biblical.

My advice? DON’T waste your time and money–and DON’T subject your kids to it.