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“ Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit” Luke 23:46

The word commend means “to commit to the trust of” another. Here Jesus is ready to die and leaves us a lesson so that in the hour of death, the terrors of the unknown do not take us down. His relationship to God is passed to us as children of the heavenly Father and He [...]

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Ken Ham ” Boos” new Noah movie

Check it out. Here is what he says http://blogs.answersingenesis.org/blogs/ken-ham/2013/11/19/dont-be-taken-in-by-the-noah-movies-promotion/ Certainly Christians will need to be ready to talk about Noah, the Flood, and topics of sin, judgment and salvation with those who do see this quite anti-biblical movie. But to do this, I encourage you to use the AiG website to ensure you have lots [...]

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“…and Jesus marveled”

There are only two times in Jesus life that it says that "He marveled". In Matthew 8:10, He was pleasantly surprised at the faith of the military captain.This Roman centurion believed in His power in a way that He had not seen in Israel. The second time He "marveled" was in Mark 6:6 where He [...]

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“…consider Him that endured..”

In Hebrews 12:3, we are encouraged to think about the sufferings of Christ in order to solace ourselves when trials arise in our lives.If we interpret hardships to be God's perfecting work,that means it has a purpose and I can rejoice.That is a work of faith ,but you must initiate the work of God by [...]

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Nations Unite Against Israel in Ezekiel’s Prophecy

The context seems to be at the end of the 7-year Tribulation Period to come after the Rapture of the church In Ezekiel 38, there is a call to all nations to gather to help solve some sort of crisis in the Middle East. Upon arriving, verse 10 says that an evil thought comes into [...]

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Shepherds came

It must have ben Mary who related this story to Luke the physician, Paul's later companion in ministry. It must have made a distinct impression since thirteen verses are given to detail thier visit. This evening we will visit the stable where they are and get a glimpse of the importance of their place in [...]

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And it came to pass…Luke 2:1

No matter what is determined of God, it comes to pass. His laws stand ( Matthew 5:18), His Word lasts (Psalm 12:6,7), His promises endure (II Corinthians 1:20) . Politics did not interfere- quite otherwise, in fact-, poverty did not hinder, Herod's pride and threatenings did not deter it. These words are a staement that [...]

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Inconvenience :can it be good?

" And it came to pass in those days..." Luke 2. This story is an account of Jesus birth and the events that surrounded it.Go ahead and count the inconveniences. 1. Taxes 2. Travel- 80 miles ( no heated cars) 3.Traffic - no motel 4. Timing-Mary is extremely uncomfortable and anxious, being full term with [...]

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Jesus never fails

If there will be any regret that I will have at life's end it will be that I did not trust Jesus more.True faith precedes love , for without faith , it is impossible to please God. Those who please God inherit the rich gifts of the Spirit Who plants His graces within the heart [...]

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The Just Shall live By Faith- Hebrews 10:38

To live by faith is a necessity in order for the true believer to find any peace and rest in a world so filled with sin and chaos. Faith is simply aligning life's decisions up with the Word of God and the Spirit's applications of the Word and leaving the results with God. Of course [...]

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