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Isaiah 55:1 says "Ho, everyone that thirsteth, come ye to the waters..." John 4 :14 offers to any who will drink of the water that Jesus offered, an everlasting well. Isaiah 44: 3 not only offers a drink, but a full refreshing waterfall - " I will pour water upon him that is thirsty" Christian, [...]

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” Encourage him”

In Deuteronomy 3: 28, God tells Moses to give Joshua charge over the tribes of Israel and that He would lead the people to take the land. His words are lost to us too often today  " Encourage him" . There is a dearth today in the church today of encouragers. We are good at [...]

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Have we Cheapened Salvation?

I think we have cheapened the conversion decision.Not to say that is should not be as easy as Jesus said. But " Pray this prayer" , we say- no different that the Roman church: "repeat this confession of faith and we will baptize you with sprinkling of water for eternal life ". Real faith is [...]

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Answer to Virus Spreading

Hello, I promised I would allow that some may suffer with lower immunities than others , and therefore the one-size-fits-all concept may not work. Avoiding germ and virus -filled areas is usually a good plan, but I still see the dangers of isolation. I am posting the web page referred to as the other side [...]

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Church and Virus Spreading

     One of our members posted a concern about bringing children to church because of the germs usually picked up which are presumed to be the reason they become ill once they go home again. I had to smile because we have certainly had our bit of the same experience this year- as most [...]

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Isaiah 6:1 ” .. I Saw the LORD…”

From Sunday's message: It is a matter of History’s records that makes plain the fact that men seek after God in times of trouble , and become lazy spiritually in prosperity. It seems that it should be opposite, but there is a reason. Tragedies reset our priorities and often give us a deeper meaning to [...]

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Receive ye the Holy Ghost John 20:22

The Holy Ghost is the third Member of the Holy Trinity- 4 times in the New Testament ( KJV) called the Holy Spirit; 90 times( KJV) called the Holy Ghost.Likely the reason for the different denotations is that the one is His name , the other His wonderful influences in the hearts and lives of [...]

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Eat My Flesh and Drink my Blood John 6:48-58

Jesus could likely have not said anything more offensive to the human mind , especially the Jewish mind, than this in John 6:48-58. It occasioned the leaving of 70+ disciples , prompting Jesus to ask the closest 12 if they were leaving too. However, it was the custom of teachers in that day to teach [...]

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