I think we have cheapened the conversion decision.Not to say that is should not be as easy as Jesus said. But ” Pray this prayer” , we say- no different that the Roman church: “repeat this confession of faith and we will baptize you with sprinkling of water for eternal life “. Real faith is so much more than a prayer and it is so easy that the simple prayer has become a ritual which the unconverted heart can pray in a moment of guilt with little realization of the gravity of the decision , leaving the unconverted heart confident of eternal life with no outward change of life.

How often we watch with dismay the seed fall on the stony ground , only to germinate and die when the challenges of life require action in response to truth revealed. How often in our own lives the fruit is so long to come .But to be truly saved, you need the Spirit of God living within. Your decision is His invitation, but the conversion of the soul is the act of repudiating sin and self and clinging to Christ for life, wisdom and redemption. Anything less is  not conversion and I believe that is why we see so many fruitless decisions. May God deepen our love and dependence on Him.

Pastor Warren