So why did Jesus have to come down here and suffer? Was he not the perfect Man?
Hebrews 2:10 says that it was the Father’s will to make the “captain of our salvation perfect through sufferings.”
Now we ought not to assume that this perfection was either spiritual or mental, since He was in soul and spirit, the eternal God. The perfection was that He must fulfill the requirements of the High Priesthood in order to bring many sons to glory. Sin had marred the whole original plan and now redemption must be completed by the sacrifice of the Innocent Blood or sin would remain unforgiven. His example of patient suffering has held the mind and soul of the martyr and suffering saint in many rough times and makes Him an able Sympathizer in all our pains. In this He became the perfect High Priest who can be trusted because He felt our infirmities and temptations.
Once sin is gone forever, so will be pain and suffering. Rev 21:4.