Ezekiel, among many of the Old and New Testament prophets , foretold a day when the Messiah would regather Israel and the believing of all nations of the world and form a new world order of peace, justice,health, and worship of Jehovah,who is preincarnate Jesus Christ.Compare Isaiah 44:6;48:12 with Revelation 1:8. Here the curse of Genesis 3:14-19 is undone and the world will revel in a new found prosperity where neither war nor disease will consume national budgets. Yet in Jesus Christ the curse is lifted too. He nailed it to the Cross,and for all who truly become one of His children through forgiveness and faith in His Blood, there is no curse to those “who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit” ( Romans 8:28). The gates of hell do not prevail against the church, and all power is given to Jesus Who empowers us and calls us to serve.
Looking to Him Who loved us, Brother Warren Jones