Such are the closing words of the preacher Solomon in Ecclesiastes.. and just before you agree with many commentators that he spoke what was best under the Law, but only Love is the watchword under grace, please let me give you a story. “Belinda” loves “Gerry” ( not real people) with all of her heart. He was her first love and all of her dreams included Gerry. She married him with the brightest of hopes.He was a military guy, disciplined, and destined for high ranks. But one day his closet drinking problem went public. Not even Linda had known.It was a shock to her. She has tried for years now to help him reform, but to no avail. She still loves him, but that love is always dampened by the thought that there may be other secrets too. Can love win the day?
Can love be the key to solve this problem? Love can suffer through, but love cannot solve this. Only the fear of a holy God keeps us true, honest, of good report, humble, and transparent when temptations pull another way.
Plant the fear of God in the garden of your life and love will grow well and bear fruit beside it. John 15:10