How different the season is for a Christian than for one addicted to the world and it’s ways.How much alcohol plays a part in festivities very much depends on the person, but it is becoming more common even among Christians. Proverbs 20 says those who are deceived by the concept of “responsible drinking ” and ” loosen up a bit” are not wise. To be wise is simply to be far sighted. The injunction given in Ephesians 5 is that we ought not to be drunk with wine, but filled with the Spirit. To read this right as a parallel comparison, the same effects that wine promises, ie happiness, peace, laughter,a lighter mood,love, joy… , are part of what the Spirit brings when we ask Him into our lives by repentance and faith ( Galatians 5:22-23), without the ill after-effects of the alcohol. I am thankful that alcohol has no place in our home.It is a part of the good Christian heritage we have, Stay true, pray through. Have a Blessed Christmas time, Pastor Warren J