It is a testimony to the Spirit’s coming that after Jesus went back to heaven in Acts 1 that the new Christian movement did not just die off. It is also significant that
the same could be said for all religions that continue after the leader has passed on. That points to a spiritual side which is the real power behind movements among mankind. Then how do we discern which is truth and which is error?  Jesus said “by their fruits ye shall know them”  Matthew 7:20. John said , by the Spirit, that true
believers are known by two main characteristics: 1 Belief  that Jesus Christ (God) is come in the flesh -I John 4:2 –  and 2.  that ye ” love one another” – John 13: 35.
Do you really love your brothers and sisters ? .. or is it but a pretense?  Hypocrisy is a dangerous sin!  Get in touch with God through Jesus , He alone is Truth.