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Reminders, Nov and Dec

Dec 19th , please come and join us for a school concert that is sure to be pleasing to all. Start time is 7:00 Friday night Dec 20th progressive supper for the senior youth group. Check with your leaders for details. Christmas Eve, Dec 24th, Candle light service at the church from 6-7. Come help [...]

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Revival Meeting 2020

Looking a bit ahead we are planning Revival Meetings with Pastor Nathan Deatrick, February 23-38th 2020. Mark in your calendar and determined to not miss hearing from the Lord

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Congratulations Grad…2018

A heartfelt congratulations to our special grad, Hannah Vidito, for all your hard work and completion of this step of your education.

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Congratulations Bro. Robb

A warm congratulations to our newest ordained Pastor at Charity Baptist Church, Bro Robb Ryggs .  June 2 2018.  Thank You  to you and your wife Emily for your faithfulness and willingness to serve your Savior Jesus Christ.   1 Corinthians 4:2  " Moreover it is required in Stewards, that a man be found faithful"

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