Service Times

Sunday School 9:30 am

Main Service 10:30 am

Junior Church available during main service for Grades K-6

Evening Service 6:00 pm

Prayer Meeting ,Wed Evening 7:00 pm

Junior Youth Group, Wednesday Evening, 700 pm

Senior Youth Group, Friday Evening, 7;00 pm

All Are Welcome

Pastor’s Message

Jesus came to give the greatest gift – His life

So why did Jesus have to come down here and suffer? Was he not the perfect Man? Hebrews 2:10 says that it was the Father’s will to make the “captain of our salvation perfect through [...]

” Encourage him”

In Deuteronomy 3: 28, God tells Moses to give Joshua charge over the tribes of Israel and that He would lead the people to take the land. His words are lost to us too often [...]

Have we Cheapened Salvation?

I think we have cheapened the conversion decision.Not to say that is should not be as easy as Jesus said. But " Pray this prayer" , we say- no different that the Roman church: "repeat [...]

Answer to Virus Spreading

Hello, I promised I would allow that some may suffer with lower immunities than others , and therefore the one-size-fits-all concept may not work. Avoiding germ and virus -filled areas is usually a good plan, [...]

News & Events


Please consider setting aside an hour or so to come and encourage our school students in their endeaver to present to the publc their annual HERITAGE FAIR. This will be held in our gymnasium at [...]


For all those who are able bodied and wish to be of help at the church and surrounding properties, gather your rakes and smiles and come for a fun time of work and fellowship, Tuesday [...]

Quarterly Business Meeting. April 25/18

April 25 2018,  For those interested in our church quarterly business meeting, please come and meet together with on on April 25th at 7:00 pm. Let us glorify our Savior by keeping order in His [...]


MAY 27th  to  31st,  2018 Please mark on your calander and plan to fellowship with us as we present our second set of Special meetings to you for the encouragement of your faith to keep [...]